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How to Bypass Beemo

In this guide, we will cover the method to bypass Beemo. This is one of the more popular bots used by many NFT and Crypto servers.


Now, assuming you have already bypassed server screening, you will need the following to bypass Beemo:

  • Aged discord tokens (at least a few months old) which do not have the same registration date. For example, some tokens from March, some tokens from January, some tokens a year old at least.
  • Tokens must have any avatar and bio.
  • Tokens must be online with random status (Online/Idle/DND).


Based on information collected, most people seem to have most success at bypassing the bot with logged tokens.


The process to bypass the bot is fairly straightforward.

  • Go to invite joiner, and set threads to 1.
  • If any, set additional verification bypass (if your server requires you to react to a message)
  • Now the important thing - set base delay per thread to at least 7 to 10 minutes, that is 420 to 600 seconds minimum.
  • Set random delay on top of base delay to at least 60-120 seconds.

and, voila! You have now bypassed the Beemo anti-raid system.


  • Note that anti-raid bots have an ever changing algorithm and this method is not guaranteed to work always. While we do our best to update the guide with newer methods, it is best that you try your own settings based on the information given here.
  • Always make sure to use just 10 or 20 tokens to test the correct settings before you attempt to join every token! Once Beemo deems a token to be a bot, the token is permanently banned across every single server that uses Beemo.