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Quick Start

To start using DMDGO quickly, you need the following:


This guide is written keeping in mind the Windows Operating System. In most cases, steps are the same in any operating system, however some steps such as compiling (building from source) will differ on MacOS and Linux!

Setting Up Captcha API

Head over to 2Captcha and add funds after creating your account. Now, copy the API key and keep it somewhere safe. This will be important later on.

Building DMDGO From Source

  • Download and install Golang and verify your installation
  • Download Source Code and Unzip
  • Open a terminal window/command prompt in the directory of the source code and type go build
  • A binary compatible with your OS should be made.


If there are some problems on MacOS/Linux with executing the binary as a program. You can run this command chmod +x ./discord-mass-dm-GO or go to properties -> permissions -> Allow executing file as program.

Preparing Config

Now, we will set up the config to Mass DM. In most cases, the default config settings are OK. However, some settings could be tweaked to achieve better results.


Only edit the other config settings if you know what you are doing. If you don't know, stick to defaults. Using the wrong config settings could potentially kill your tokens instantly!

Now, let us use the default config. Below is a reference.

Config File
Sample Config
  individual_delay: 120
  rate_limit_delay: 400
  offset: 150
  max_dms_per_token: 0
  skip_completed: true
  call: false
  remove_dead_tokens: true 
  remove_completed_members: true 
  stop_dead_tokens: true 
  check_mutual: false
  friend_before_DM: false
  online_tokens: false
  receive_messages: false
  skip_failed: false
  block_after_dm: false
  close_dm_after_message: false
  multiple_message: false
  delay_between_multiple_messages: 10

  proxy_from_file: true
  proxy_for_captcha: true
  use_proxy_for_gateway: false
  proxy_protocol: "http"
  timeout: 60

  scraper_delay: 3000
  scrape_usernames: false
  scrape_avatars: false
  query_brute_extra_chars: ""

  captcha_api_key: "<your captcha API key which you saved before>"
  captcha_api: ""
  max_captcha_wait: 120
  max_captcha_retry_dm: 0
  max_captcha_retry_invite: 3

  disable_keep_alives: false
  constant_cookies: false
  censor_token: true
  logs: false
  gateway_status: 4
  cfbm: false
  x_super_properties: ""
  useragent: ""

  random_individual_delay: 60
  random_rate_limit_delay: 0
  random_delay_before_dm: 10
  typing: false
  typing_variation: 250
  typing_speed: 450
  typing_base: 200

  observer_token: ""
  change_name: true
  change_avatar: true 
  invite: ""
  server_id: ""
  channel_id: ""
  message_id: ""
  emoji: ""
  skip_completed: true 
  skip_failed: true 
  leave_token_on_ratelimit: true 
  rotate_tokens: true
  max_anti_raid_queue: 20
  max_dms_per_token: 10

Proxy Configuration

Depending on your proxy service, you will either need a single rotating proxy (If it rotates on each request) or several sticky proxies. Some proxies work with a user:pass authentication while some just require an IP authorization.

  • Now, either auth your IP address in the proxy dashboard (Proxiware requires IP auth) or Download the rotating proxy/sticky proxies. Ensure proxies are http(s) and not socks4/5.


If you use a user:pass authenticated proxies, make sure to format the proxies as username:password@ip:port format! Other formats will not work and lead to an error!


Please avoid using free proxies, as they are abused a lot and have terrible IP score which could potentially kill your tokens instantly! Instead, it is always recommended to use a paid proxy service! (1)

  1. We recommend the following proxy providers:
  • Paste the proxy list into input -> proxies.txt file.

Discord Tokens

Discord Tokens are necessary to use the software. Tokens are basically authorization tokens to log into a Discord Account.

Each Discord Token is a Discord Account. They usually look like this OTg2ODY2NDU3NjU0NzIyNjQw.GjCK44.VQ2Yqa-BxKg7-hUwf1Mzci6LK5Ay9C_oWJbY30 or

Copy the list of tokens and paste it to input -> tokens.txt. Ensure your tokens are valid before you add them. You can either use DMDGO's built-in token checker or use RANKTW's Checker!


DMDGO supports either just tokens or email:password:token format. However functions such as username and avatar changer need email and password to work!


Use of multiple fingerprints, specifically JA3 helps to bypass Discord's TLS anti-spam countermeasures. You need to purchase JA3 fingerprints for this. We have some stores selling them attached below:


We are not affiliated with any sellers above! Proceed at your own caution!

Add the fingerprints list to fingerprints.json.

Message Config

Edit message.json file and enter your desired message. Note that you cannot send embeds natively anymore, hence you can only send regular text messages.


Discord has recently removed embed endpoints for regular accounts. Hence, users can no longer send rich embed messages.

As an alternative, you can use OG meta data to create your own embeds. Check out Chasa's Embed Builder API which allows you to easily create your own URL embeds!

Some Other Important Things

  • If you wish to join tokens into the server with a delay, make sure that join threads are set to 1 to ensure proper delay is used.
  • A guide to bypass anti raid bots such as Wick and Beemo are underway1.
  • In general, aged tokens (1-3 months) yield better results. On a new token, you get about 8-10 DM's on average for email verified, and about 30 DM's on a phone verified token.
  • Don't join more than 50 tokens at a time or use high delay of at least 20+ seconds if you wish to join more than 50 tokens.
  • Just as a normal user cannot DM users without a mutual server, the same applies to DMDGO. In order to send a successful DM, the receipent must have enabled direct messages and have a mutual server with the token.

It is completely normal for tokens to use captcha/get locked after a certain number of DM's sent, owing to Discord's anti spam countermeasures.

What Next?

Now that you've set up DMDGO, you can either check out Expert Guides curated by experienced users or use the Core Documentation to find out more about specific settings allowing you to create a configuration that suits you best!

  • Start Reading Our Core Docs

    Core documentation helps you understand the deeper nuances of DMDGO alowing you to achieve unparalleled levels of customizability and speed

    Get Started Now

  • Check Out Our Expert Guides

    Guides are curated by experienced people and help you understand to use DMDGO best and recommend the best places to get Proxies and other resources!

    Check it Out!

  1. You can now visit the guide to bypass Beemo and Wick under the Miscellaneous category.